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Norpac Fisheries Latest News

For all you Ahi fans Amazon Fresh is currently carrying Hawaiian Select. The 10lb box of Bigeye Ahi Saku blocks comes in 1lb packages. This sashimi grade product is found in many of Seattle’s finer restaurants. Hawaiian Select frozen Bigeye Ahi tuna Saku blocks come from Norpac’s  sustainable fishery where they individually track each fish product  from the point of capture all the way through to Amazon Fresh with our industry leading barcode technology.

These Sashimi quality saku blocks are harvested within territorial waters, no high seas fishing, and are longline caught using only Best Practices. Bigeye tuna taste better as they contain up to 3 times more fish oil than Yellowfin Ahi tuna. This translates into tastier and healthier product. The FDA and the CDC advocate the heart healthy attributes of Omega 3 oils, which are abundant in Bigeye Ahi. Taste the quality of our fresh frozen Bigeye Ahi, while realizing the many health benefits.  You will become a seafood lover too!

About Norpac

Norpac:  Passionate about seafood, committed to excellence
Founded in 1987 in Honolulu Hawaii, Norpac has been passionate about providing the highest quality seafood to our customers for over 24 years.

Why isn’t all seafood quality the same?

Norpac starts at the source, with our own fishermen and boats out in the deep blue sea!  Fish are captured and handled individually, much like a hand crafted wine.  Utilizing Japanese fish handling techniques to ensure highest quality is preserved on board the vessels, where the first few hours after capture make all the difference.

We use the Norpac Traceability System to individually track each fish and the products we make from them, at the point of capture all the way through to our customers. We are fully accountable for every fish we capture, and all fish are subject to strict capture limits, best fishing practices and special gear modifications which prevent false capture of non targeted species, marine mammals, sea turtles and birds.

Our employees are seasoned professionals with decades of seafood handling experience and knowledge of our products. Our fish are frozen fresh once (never thawed and refrozen) to ensure quality right from the vessel.  Each piece is individually vacuum sealed to preserve the pristine freshness and delicate flavor, so you can enjoy a truly extraordinary piece of fish. We cut every piece to exacting specifications, and we guarantee a consistently enjoyable experience in every steak or sashimi saku block from Norpac.

We are extremely gratified to have received such high marks on our recent Good Manufacturing Practices Audit by Silliker Labs. Our entire company is involved wholeheartedly with creating the environment where our practices exceed the industry standards, and have become part of our culture and identity.” Says Thomas Kraft, Founder and President of Norpac Fish Export.
Third-party accredited certifications are now quite prevalent across the food industry. The Good Manufacturing Practice Audit is to assure food quality, safety and better nutrition all across the supply chain on a global basis.

Truly this score emphasizes the commitment and passion of all members of the Norpac Team, and the superior leadership directing them day to day. It takes discipline and commitment at all levels of management, labor, suppliers and service providers to maintain a level of excellence which this score highlights. I am very proud of everyone and am honored that Team Norpac holds such pride and dedication in making our products and work environment second to none.” says Thomas Kraft.
Silliker is the leading internationally accredited provider of food safety, quality and nutrition services with locations in 16 countries. They are dedicated to helping companies worldwide find practical solutions to today’s food safety and quality challenges throughout the supply chain.

The USDA and HHS have announced “new dietary guidelines to help Americans make healthier food choices and confront obesity epidemic.” in their January 2011 press release. These new guidelines/pyramid design focus on balancing calories encouraging Americans to consumer more healthy foods. “Americans should increase the amount of variety of seafood consumed by choosing seafood in place of some meat and poultry.”

For the USDA news summary click here