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Norpac Fisheries Latest News

Norpac Makes the Cut!  Our global initiatives toward sustainability are making gains.  Norpac takes the international stage as a promoter and initiator of sustainable practices and policies.  Tom Kraft is confirmed as a featured participant in the World Bank’s headquarters April 19th Global Partnership of Oceans video.  Watch it now: and get involved.  Join the discussion and follow our website, Facebook and Twitter @NorpacFish.

What’s the Word on Norpac?

Posted on May 15th, 2012 by admin ARTS Best Practices Nutrition

In May, we found out.  A Buyer for Whole Foods sent us this feedback, “The tuna that went to the stores on Saturday looked fantastic – so much so that I took some home for dinner.”  We are very proud of this.

On April 19th, Tom participated in the first meeting of interested partners of the Global Partnership for Oceans in Washington D.C. This group united to set goals and objectives for catch management and ocean conservation around the world.  This is priceless material as Norpac is the ONLY seafood company being given face time in these global efforts.  View the video here as Tom shares in the discussion about the role of industry stakeholders (2:56):   You will be viewing it in a “screening room” so you will be asked to enter your email address and a username before viewing. Follow the progress of this initiative on our website and at

While our own sustainability efforts have made the headlines, the sixth edition of Greenpeace’s Carting Away to Oceans report (CATO) ranked companies according to their commitment to responsible and ethically sourced tuna.  Only two major retailers have been given a top Green rating. We commend Safeway & Whole Foods for attaining the top marks. While the report goes on to state that a majority of retailers do receive a passing grade—including Walmart & Costco—this proves positive that many of our partners share our own vision of sustainable sourcing.