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Sustainable Supply Chains – New York

Posted on May 15th, 2013 by admin Environmental Responsibility Sustainability

Leveraging the public conversation catalyzed at the first annual Sustainable Seafood Week, Village Fishmonger and Future of Fish will be hosting an exclusive hospitality ​industry round table at the Institute of Culinary Education to open up the​ dialogue around how sustainable ​seafood can accelerate your brand.​

This two-hour session will bring together leading national sustainable seafood advocates, food service consultants, distributors and chefs, together with keystone hospitality buyers from NYC to explore growing opportunities in sustainable seafood.

Panelists including Chef Evan Hanczor of Parish Hall, Thomas Kraft of Norpac Fisheries Exports, Keith Flett of Open Ocean Trading, Sean Dixon of Village Fishmonger and Matthew Quetton of Future of Fish will share insights into how market leadership and customer value can be accelerated through rapidly emerging opportunities in sourcing, preparing and serving the best of the world’s sustainable seafood.