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Norpac Fisheries Latest News

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a non-profit organization whose mandate is the longterm protection of the world’s marine fisheries and the associated ecological components. Through a process of consultation with various stakeholders over a two-year period commencing in 1996, the MSC established its standard for well-managed and sustainable fisheries called the “Principles and Criteria of Sustainable Fishing” (MSC P&C’s).

Click here to view a Marine Stewardship Council pre-assessment report of the Federated States of Micronesia and Republic of the Marshall Islands longline tuna fisheries.

We are extremely gratified to have received such high marks on our recent Good Manufacturing Practices Audit by Silliker Labs. Our entire company is involved wholeheartedly with creating the environment where our practices exceed the industry standards, and have become part of our culture and identity.” Says Thomas Kraft, Founder and President of Norpac Fish Export.
Third-party accredited certifications are now quite prevalent across the food industry. The Good Manufacturing Practice Audit is to assure food quality, safety and better nutrition all across the supply chain on a global basis.

Truly this score emphasizes the commitment and passion of all members of the Norpac Team, and the superior leadership directing them day to day. It takes discipline and commitment at all levels of management, labor, suppliers and service providers to maintain a level of excellence which this score highlights. I am very proud of everyone and am honored that Team Norpac holds such pride and dedication in making our products and work environment second to none.” says Thomas Kraft.
Silliker is the leading internationally accredited provider of food safety, quality and nutrition services with locations in 16 countries. They are dedicated to helping companies worldwide find practical solutions to today’s food safety and quality challenges throughout the supply chain.

Norpac Fisheries Export Awarded 100% on Code of Conduct Audit

Posted on February 18th, 2011 by Heather Ingersoll Audit Best Practices

Norpac Fisheries Export (Norpac) is pleased to announce the results of a recent 3rd party audit.  The auditors visited the Norpac facility in Honolulu, Hawaii to perform a Code of Conduct Audit.   This was the company’s first audit of this kind, used to ensure employee and employer best practices in labor laws, hiring, firing and company policies.

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