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Environmental Benefits of Tracing Fish

Norpac Fisheries Export is an industry leader in "Best Practices" for wild fish capture. Our internally developed Traceability System was in response to the industry's need to prevent IUU Fishing. Our system allows end to end logistics tracking to assist with the elimination of IUU Fishing Practices.

[1] Capture / Purchase Product

Purchase Product Purchase Product
  • All fish are assigned a unique serial number, and critical information is recorded at vessel / dock:
    • Vessel
    • Date
    • Capture location
    • Catch method
    • Species
    • Weight

[2] Receiving

Purchase Product Purchase Product
  • At receiving, the fish are individually graded and tagged with human readable data.
    • Scan barcode.
    • Record temperature.
    • Inventory tag printed with original barcode.
    • Stored in temperature controlled environment.

[3] Issue to Processing

Purchase Product Purchase Product
  • Each fish is issued individually to processing to fulfill a specific order, and many are pre-tagged for specific customers.
    • Scan barcode.
    • Electronically issue product to processing.
    • Fish and barcode travel together for further finished cuts.

[4] Cut, Weigh, and Label

Purchase Product Purchase Product
  • Fish are ready for finishing cuts to exact customer specifications.
    • Products cut to specific customer needs.
    • Product is weighed, and barcode information is updated.
    • Individual cuts are issued barcodes linking back to original source fish.

[5] Package and Seal

Purchase Product Purchase Product
  • After cutting and weighing, each piece is subject to quality control / examination, and if passed, is vacuum packed to lock in freshness and quality.
    • Vacuum packaging is labeled with product information and tracking barcode.
    • Each cut is carefully bagged and sealed.
    • Packages placed on stainless steel shelves for order fulfillment.

[6] Order Fulfillment to Exact Specifications

Purchase Product Purchase Product
  • Each cut is individually scanned to the specific customer work order.
    • Scan tracking barcode and work order to link fish to exact order.
    • Carefully secure fish into reduced carbon footprint insulated shipping carton.
    • Work order is now linked to shipping carton through barcode label printed and attached.

[7] Logistic Tracking

Purchase Product Purchase Product
  • Shipping carton with cut to order items rushed direct to customer.
    • Shipping label is processed.
    • Packages are sorted for shipping.
    • Exchange of custody to shipper is recorded.

[8] Trace Product

  • Each piece can be traced at any time to the original fish from which it was cut.
    • Trace forward from original fish.
    • Trace backward from finished cut.
    • Exact knowledge of each piece in carton.
    • Full logistics chain information available instantly, on every piece shipped.
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